This page is for all of you, that don’t speak Slovene language, so you can find useful information and answers to questions, what to do first when you come to foreign country, to Slovenia. If you have more questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

First of all you have to take care of your residency, even if it is only temporary. You arrange all of documents about it at administrative unit in the city. More about this is available on their web site.

After that, pregnant or not, you have to take care of your health insurance. If you are employed, this should be already taken care of by your employer. If you are not employed, you arrange it at Institute for Health Care Slovenia: ZZZS – Zavod za zdravstveno zavarovanje Slovenije: https://www.zzzs.si/

nosečnicaIf you are pregnant, you have to go to centre for social workCSD – Center za socialno delo: http://www.csd-lj-siska.si/splosno/index.asp (this one is in Ljubljana)

There you fill documents for maternity leave. You can file this documents not more than 60 and not less than 30 days before the expected date of birth!

You can ask for maternity pay/allowance for the time you will be on maternity leave.

You can also get child benefit, one time childbirth support from CSD and another childbirth support from the city you live in.

You can also get financial support, there are two different types. One is the support that you can get no more than twice a year for specific payments (food, water, clothes,…), the other one is on regular bases, payed monthly. Whether you are entitled to this financial social support or not, it is up to income in your household.


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